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October 11, 2003
Stockholm, Sweden

MobileWizardry and Mobile Digital Media (MDM) announce the release of an official Atari 2600 emulator, named "Atari Retro" sporting games originally published by Atari, using the SHARK development kit - allowing a release on multiple platforms simultaneously using the same MMC card - for retail and online distribution.

Titles included:

  • Adventure,
  • Asteroids,
  • Breakout,
  • Centipede,
  • Missile Command,
  • Pong,
  • Yars Revenge,
  • and others!

The product is officially branded and licensed in collaboration with Atari.

It contains a complete Atari 2600 emulation engine using original cartridge ROM images to give that classic original in front of the television while with game console quality.

screenshots taken from SHARK development kit
The original release is set for the christmas season on MMC card - bundled with a number of selected Atari 2600 game images. Individual game releases for sale over the Internet via sites such as PalmGear, Handango are being planned and exact details will be provided at a later date. The pricing of this MMC product is yet to be announced.

Aaron Ardiri, co-founder of Mobile Wizardry says:

    The development of the Atari 2600 emulator has been a challenging, yet enjoyable task - with many hurdles in the path to completion. We had to step closely around to achieve what we originally had set out to do. It surely has been one of the most complex machines to emulate!

    The Atari Retro project has pushed the boundaries of technology as it was implemented using the SHARK development kit - which allows us to develop a single source code base to produce multiple platform binaries. A lot of speculation has existed around the SHARK development kit, such that it requires a runtime or emulation environment - and, this project surely makes a statement for the SHARK development kit; true native binaries - absolute speed!

    We have enjoyed working with MDM, who had provided us with huge support and resources to get the product looking as professional as possible. It surely wont be disappointing to anyone who gets their hands on this product; the authentic graphics and sounds will bring you right back to the mid-seventies - like when you sat in front of the TV as a child.

More information on the Atari Retro product will be announced on the MDM website closer to the release of the product with exact pricing details and distribution channels.

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