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Xen Games presents,


A vast horde of alien battleships is approaching our solar system. Due to maintenance problems only one fighter craft is ready to defend the planet. Fly dangerous missions against huge battlecruisers, dogfight with enemy fighters in asteroid fields and destroy the alien fleet before it enslaves Earth.

Can you face them alone?


.. blast your way through asteroid fields ..


.. prepare for a dog fight with the alient fleet ..

Interstellar Flames is developed by Xen Games a game design and development studio located in the United Kingdom. It has been produced on PalmOS® in conjunction with MobileWizardry and uses the FIDELITY audio/music engine.

Xen Games also provides versions of Interstellar Flames for Pocket PC, Smartphone, Symbian and the Sharp Zaurus; please visit the Xen Games website for more information and purchasing details if you own a device not supported on the list offered on this website.



The evaluation version of Interstellar Flames provides a single complete level - which will give you plenty of opportunity to try the game out. To obtain a full version, complete with twelve (12) missions, registration (a small fee payable to the developer) is required - BUY IT NOW


Interstellar Flames can be purchased in a number of ways.

ESD: Tapwave Zodiac
"Tuned for Zodiac" version of Interstellar Flames.

Special version created exclusively for Tapwave Zodiac device owners. Landscape, full screen (480x320) game play, ultimate playability, full renderered 3D graphics with stunning audio visual effects.

exclusive to Tapwave Zodiac platform.

PRICE: $9.99 USD

ESD: PalmOS®
Interstellar Flames for PalmOS® devices.

If you own a PalmOS® powered device that boasts the power of an ARM processor, you can purchase this title from our online store and kick some enemy butt for a small price.

any color handheld device running:
- Palm OS (5.x+ ARM)

PRICE: $8.99 USD

"Interstellar Flames" is owned and developed by Xen Games, with portions licensed from MobileWizardry (FIDELITY audio/music engine).
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