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SugaTris is a puzzle game based on the well known TETRIS game invented by Alexey Pajitnov, a Russian computer engineer in the early 1980's.

The object of the game is to maneuver block based objects to form solid lines which then are removed to create more space in the play field. When there is no space left, the game is over. The more lines removed at once, the more points are scored. Simple, yet, very addictive game play - exactly what you need.

SugaTris provides the classical 'tetrominoes' based version in addition to an enhanced/more difficult version with various shaped pieces which just won't fit anywhere. It is a fast paced game which is guaranteed to relieve you of boredom at anytime - you can now play it on nearly every major mobile platform.

SugaTris is developed by INDUSTRY Entertainment, a group of developers who produce games and stunning graphical effects. They are well known in the demo-scene community with their award winning contributions to a number of large demo competitions.

SugaTris has been ported to use the MobileWizardry SHARK development kit - that enabled the application to be recompiled in native format on multiple platforms utilizing a single, common source code base. Information on the SHARK development kit and licensing options are provided on request, please refer to the SHARK pages for more information on how MobileWizardry can assist you in your developments.




Login with username/password to obtain download access to full version.


The evaluation version of SugaTris allows classic game play and has the restriction of terminating the game after a preset number of lines have been removed during game play. To obtain full, unrestricted game play - registration (a small fee payable to the developer) is required - BUY IT NOW


SugaTris is available for $7.50.
INDUSTRY Entertainment provides SugaTris at this very low introductory price - for all platforms. Upon purchase all platform binaries (registered) will be available for download and installation.

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