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Jack or 100 ways to barbecue is a two dimensional platform game which brings to you the fun of "jump & run" and a lot of brain excercise while solving delicate logical problems.

Your aim is to find the exit of the each level, which is well hidden by doors and guarded by unfriendly monsters who's only desire is to meet you and break your bones well for disturbing their domestic living area. It is a fast paced game which is guaranteed to relieve you of boredom at anytime - you can now play it on nearly every major mobile platform.


  • 5 huge worlds with a total of 300 rooms to explore
  • 15 tilesets with a total of 250 different tiles
  • 15 animated enemies to fight with
  • 5 different weapons to use and abuse
  • 30 other items for you to collect and use
  • High quality pixel graphics, color and grayscale devices supported
  • High quality music and sound effects for the ultimate pleasure (by MODULA audio engine)

Jack or 100 ways to barbecue is developed by INDUSTRY Entertainment, a group of developers who produce games and stunning graphical effects. They are well known in the demo-scene community with their award winning contributions to a number of large demo competitions.

Jack or 100 ways to barbecue has been ported to use the MobileWizardry SHARK development kit - that enabled the application to be recompiled in native format on multiple platforms utilizing a single, common source code base. Information on the SHARK development kit and licensing options are provided on recuest, please refer to the SHARK pages for more information on how MobileWizardry can assist you in your developments.


supports Windows 2000 or greater

coming soon to this platform
PRICE: $19.95 USD
MobileWizardry / iNDUSTRY Entertainment provide the Tapwave Zodiac version direct from Tapwave www.tapwave.com for $19.95.

coming soon to this platform
coming soon to this platform

The evaluation version of Jack or 100 ways to barbecue provides only the first level of the game - enough to give you a tease of what is to come! To obtain full, unrestricted game play - registration (a small fee payable to the developer) is required - BUY IT NOW


Jack or 100 ways to barbecue is available for $14.95 or $19.95 (tapwave zodiac).
iNDUSTRY Entertainment and MobileWizardry provide Jack or 100 ways to barbecue at this price individually for each platform supported. Upon purchase the appropriate platform binary will be available for download and installation to your device. Purchases are platform dependent and non transferable.

"Jack or 100 ways to barbecue" is owned and developed by INDUSTRY Entertainment, with portions licensed from MobileWizardry (multi platform support).
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