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by iNDUSTRY Entertainment
Jack or 100 ways to barbecue
Jack or 100 ways to barbecue is a 2D platform game which brings to you the fun of "jump & run" and a lot of brain excercise while solving delicate logical problems.

Pocket Mini Golf by Momentum Games
Pocket Mini Golf is a highly addictive miniature golf game with three courses of increasing difficulty, with eighteen holes per course.
Play using standard rules or against the clock.

by Mobile Digitial Media Atari Retro
Atari Retro is a collection of officially licensed Atari 2600 games for your handheld device - reproduced with absolute authenticity; powered by a sophisticated emulation engine designed specifically for mobile use.

Interstellar Flames by Xen Games
A vast horde of alien battleships is approaching our solar system. Due to maintenance problems only one fighter craft is ready to defend the planet - yours!
Can you face them alone?

by Cascata Games Master Thief 3D
You are 'Nebula'. In your secret underworld excursions, you use your code-breaking skills, special weapons and utensils to successfully complete each task and accomplish your mission.

SugaTris by iNDUSTRY Entertainment
SugaTris is a puzzle game based on the well known TETRIS game where you maneuver block based objects to form solid lines which then are removed to create more space in the play field.

Demo Competition 2002
MobileWizardry hosted the first demo coding competition for the PalmOS Platform. Developers all around the world were invited to program "demos" - to show off their technical and artistic skills; aimed specifically for an embedded system as available in the Palm m505 handheld device; and, what a contest it was!

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Developer Tools

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SHARK is a revolutionary development kit primarily focused towards building applications for handheld computing - in the mobile market. The development kit, allows any programmer to write applications to run on devices that normally require expert, and, often very costly development teams.

Fidelity is a PalmOS® static library specifically designed to bring digital sounds effects and music playback within applications; especially entertainment titles. It has been built with ease-of-integration in mind; and is custom built specific to your project.

Investment / Consultancy

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MobileWizardry is a technology company with many years experience in mobile application development and is available to assist in any development projects that are challenging and interesting. We offer a large range of products for licensing, in addition to performing custom development. If your looking for a leading edge development team for your project - contact us.

MobileWizardry offers consultant services worldwide; If you are looking for a local service - contact us using the links above.

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